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BY: Terrence Gully

I always talk about starting bands that never really go anywhere, but have an idea in my head that seems like it would be so mind blowingly good that I have to make it happen. Thats how Seawave started, as an awesome idea in my friend Mike’s (Fishy, his name is Fishy) subconcious love for all things spacy and “wavy.” If its not obvious, I am friends with these guys and girl, but it dosen’t change the fact that they put out one of the best demos of the year.

As stated above, for close to a year, Seawave was primarily a bedroom shoegaze project. I would get facebook IM’s with links to riffs or leads, solos, pieces of songs that sounded amazing on their own, but left me wondering how it would all come together as Fishy would send me a bunch of different pieces that could have gone together in any number of songs. Fast forward a few months and the lineup is filled out with other friends and great musicians that you would not expect to form a shoegaze band, featuring ex and current members of Hardcore bands Bottom Out and Compound, but Seawave dosen’t come across as hardcore kids doing shoegaze. Instead there are just some extremely well put together shoegaze and dream pop.

The demo opens with the song “Seawave” and starts with what can only be described as the dial up noise from AOL, then goes into a bass line that will be stuck in your head and lets you know right from the start that this isn’t just shoegaze worship or a band trying to sound like any one band, rather a barrage of shoegaze, indie and punk influences come into play here. The first song has an undeniable groove to it that most bands playing the genre today seem to forget, setting Seawave apart from their contemporaries. From the bass line into a ringing guitar part comes very, very low and subdued vocals from singer/guitarist Gill. The song stays as a mid tempo rager before exploding into the J Mascic esque solo that starts off “Sometimes.” This song is much faster and a definite toe tapper, where the indie and punk backgrounds of the band shine through. Vocals are also switched off between Fishy and Gill in this song, adding for some pretty cool harmonizing and melody. To me this is the most My Bloody Valentine sounding song on the demo, probably because of the male/female vocals and heavy shredding.

Malfunction opens with a riff that sounds like it could be found on a Jawbox or Swervedriver B side and is the song that will make you want to gaze at your shoes or lie face down on your bed engulfed in a cloud of smoke. Fishy takes the lead vocal on this song while Gill sings background. The song ends with two of my favorite things that pulled off well make a song so cool, a crazy solo/lead part with random sound clips. You know, those clips that you can’t decipher but make the song infinitely cooler.

Sunroom is such a cool song and is surprisingly the only song that sounds exactly like another band. It’s an instrumental interlude that sounds EXACTLY like Slowdive, who every member would tell you is a direct influence. And thats not a bad thing either. It starts building up ever so slightly and then abruptly stops to segue way into the last song, Loom Walker. It’s a similar transition from the first song into the second as it starts off with a snare hit and SICK lead. The reverb is turned all the way the fuck up on this song and they take you home with a song that makes you want to be on a Soulvaki Space Station. But seriously, even if I wasn’t friends with these guys, I would still be posting this and urging everyone to download it. For fans of: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, Hum, Jawbreaker, Codeine, Archers Of Loaf.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: www.mediafire.com?5i373vs7yjb55r4

BUY THE TAPE HERE:http://permanentsleep.bigcartel.com/product/seawave-demo-cassette



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  1. Anonymous
    July 31, 2012 at 3:55 am

    You guys going to the show tonight?

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